Plundering Sold As Populism


The IMF plots outright wealth confiscation across the entire globe.

Socialist Destruction Unleashed in Greece


“We are a breath away from ground zero.”

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The New Titanic, Europe’s Economy, is Going Down

After the International Monetary Fund and the European Union bailed out Greece, the mainstream media quickly moved on to other, less important, subjects. The crisis, they said, was resolved. The billions of Euros sent in by the EU and the IMF would help Greece overcome its troubles. If other European states would follow in Greece’s [...]

Greek Premier: My Socialist Country’s Screwups Are America’s Fault

In order to distract from the grave fiscal crisis caused by Greece’s cradle-to-grave socialism, Greek socialist prime minister George Papandreou is threatening to sue American banks.
Like his father before him who was also prime minister, Papandreou is the leader of the political party PASOK, which is the Panhellenic Socialist Movement. He is also president of the Socialist International. [...]

Greece’s Socialist Candy Jar Runs Out

It was Margaret Thatcher who observed that the problem with socialism was that eventually you run out of other people’s money.
Given my insatiable Sweet Tooth, I have a different spin on this economic principle: eventually there will be nothing left in the community candy jar.
We see it now in Greece, as Bill O’Reilly explained in [...]

Why Are We Bailing Out Socialist Greece?

Why is the United States involved in a futile scheme to bail out the basket case economy of Greece, which despite its membership in the European Union, is a borderline third world socialist country?
According to some estimates I’ve heard the U.S. will be kicking in up to $10 billion in funding to bail out Greece via [...]

Latest Stock Plunge: Another Fish That Will Get Away?

Call me curious, but it seems like a lot of big fish in the financial world these last few years have all gotten away from us. Add this week’s odd and unexplained stock market nosedive to the list. It seems like it is past time for us to start demanding some answers.
It’s amazing how quickly [...]

Beware of Greeks Bearing Deficits

Athens, Greece looks like the return of the Peloponnesian War: riots, worker’s striking with homemade bombs hurled at police, students protesting, banks burned by anti-capitalists, and people killed. The hostility has halted trains and all flights and cruises to and from Greece are grounded. The fat lady is singing. 
Greece’s excessive government spending has EU markets [...]

Rising World Powers Align


Washington pushes further away.