David Horowitz on “The Black Book of the American Left” — on The Glazov Gang


The Freedom Center’s president discusses his new collection of conservative writings.

Camille Paglia and the Clash of Cultures


Will America’s feminist “bête noire” be the next to be destroyed for speaking the truth?

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim


A video every concerned American must watch:

Podcast Interview With David Horowitz


The Freedom Center’s president discusses his new book, A Point in Time.

Daniel Pipes: You’re Gonna Miss Gadaffi


Middle East expert gives a dire warning about the future of Libya.

The Future of Iran’s Freedom Movement


Can the people overthrow their Islamist oppressors?

Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques


A ground-breaking investigation of 100 mosques across the U.S. produces disturbing results.

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Fighting for a Free Iran


An American daughter of Iranian immigrants speaks of her dream and battle to liberate her homeland.

Intellectual Assault


Academic anti-Americanism and the distortion of 9/11.

Canada Defunds a Terror-Supporting U.N. “Agency”

Unrwa Logo

Will the U.S. follow the Canadian example and stop feeding UNRWA?