Obama is Hiding Iran’s Pursuit of Nuclear Bomb from Americans


Obama has become complicit in Iran’s crimes by conducting this coverup.

Obama Inc. Claims Iran Made Concessions, Iran Says It Didn’t


How bad is Obama? So bad Iran is more trustworthy than him.

Obama Security Adviser: Iran Deal is Our ObamaCare


So it won’t work, will cost a lot of money and kill a bunch of people.

US Intel Always Overestimates How Long it Takes a Country to Get the Bomb


“The biggest failure of our intelligence gathering agencies in the past 10 years.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader: Jihad Will End when US is Destroyed


“Battle and jihad are endless.”

US Official: Iran Still Illegally Obtaining Materials for Nuclear Program

obama iran

“We continue to see them setting up front companies,”

Iran Supreme Leader: “Nuclear Talks Will Lead Nowhere”


Barack Obama has put the chances of an agreement at “50-50,”

Obama Inc: Don’t Trust What Iran Says, But Trust It To Keep its Word

obama iran

“It matters less to us what they say than what they do.”

Iran: We Can Undo Nuke Deal in One Day


“Nothing will be put aside, dismantled or halted. Everything will continue.”

Obama: Iran Needs to Keep Nuclear Program for its “Dignity”


Demanding no enrichment, Obama said, was unrealistic