Secretary of State John Kerry Rejects New Sanctions on Iran

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Secretary of State John F. Kerry implored Congress on Thursday not to impose tough new sanctions on Iran, warning that such a move could disrupt diplomacy over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program at a delicate moment.

Washington Post Admits Iran Sanctions Have Failed


The Iranian leadership knows that it only has to hold out until it gets nuclear weapons. And then it’s game over. Why would it give up now just because Iranian factory workers can no longer afford to eat chicken?

UN Illegally Shipped American High Tech to Iran


The controversial shipments of U.S.-made computer equipment to North Korea and Iran by the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization was not only “unjustified” but something “we simply cannot fathom,” according to an independent investigative report, commissioned by WIPO itself.

As standoff with Iran continues, U.S. prepares targeted sanctions –

The Obama administration is readying sanctions against discrete elements of the Iranian government, including those involved in the deadly crackdown on Iranian protesters, marking a shift to a more aggressive U.S. posture toward the Islamic republic, U.S. officials said. Ten months after President Obama set a year-end deadline for Iran to engage with world powers […]