The Disappearance of US Will


America retreats — and the world becomes more dangerous than ever.

Kerry: Our Goal is Not Eliminating Iranian Nuclear Capability


Kerry has once again adopted the viewpoint of the enemy

How the Mullahs Prop Up Assad


Duplicity is the Islamic Republic’s game.

Senate Unanimously Passes Cruz Bill to Keep Terrorist Ambassador Out of US


“This person is an acknowledged terrorist.”

Rep. Ed Royce: Iran Is Following North Korea’s Playbook

Ed Royce 39th

The congressman explains the urgent need to restore sanctions on the Islamic Republic at the West Coast Retreat.

Iran Viewed Al Qaeda’s US Terror Cells as Key Asset


… to use al- Qaeda’s world terror cells to target the United States of America

Ahmadinejad: “Raise the Flag of Martyrs Over the White House.”


This was Ahmadinejad’s first political comment after a long silence

Britain’s Free Speech Dilemma


Isn’t “insulting Islamic sanctities” as illegal in the U.K. as it is in Iran?

Woman Says Iran is Too Islamic on Facebook, Gets Arrested


How can you tell if your country is too Islamic?

Moderate Iranian President Picks US Embassy Hostage Taker as UN Ambassador


Iran is just slapping Obama around to see how much more he will take.