A Syrian-Style Deal for the Islamic Republic?

Hassan Rouhani

The key demands the Obama administration must make of the Islamic Republic.

Kerry Tells Congress Iran Sanctions a Good Idea, State Dept Denies He Ever Said It

kerry psaki_thumb[1]

The weird relationship between Kerry, Jen Psaki and Marie Harf keeps getting weirder.

Iran Nuclear Negotiations to Go On Until Iran gets Nuclear Bomb


Failure is not an option. Failure is the point.

Throwing Off the Veil


A Facebook campaign demands fashion freedom for Iranian women.

Kerry Admits: Iran Negotiations Not Working


The subtext of the Secretary of State’s recent op-ed.

Iran’s Path to the Bomb


And how Washington is enabling it.

Iranian Cleric Accuses Israel of Spying on it with Genies


The Israelis were unsuccessful in their attempts

The Military Empire of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps


Is the Islamic Republic winning the battle for regional hegemony?

The Threat Is Blowback


The U.S. starts down the road to the next 9/11.

The End of Obama’s Bad Deal with Iran — What’s Next?


More Obama “smart diplomacy” for the Mullahs?