Iranian Nuke Deal: An Islamist Victory


Why the Mullahs will likely never return back to the negotiating table in good faith.

A Message from the Ghost of Neville Chamberlain

Picture 1

What would the Hitler-appeasing premier say to Obama regarding the Iran nuke deal?

Obama Released Iran Nuke Smuggler, Iran Still Holding Ex-FBI Agent

Robert Levinson Iran FBI

Atarodi, was arrested in California on charges that remain sealed

Obama’s Deal With The Devil


A lose-lose situation.

From Munich to Geneva = Lesson Unlearned


Welcome to a nuclearized Middle East.

Obama Allows Iran’s Arak Heavy Nuclear Reactor to Advance


This reactor is suitable for making plutonium

Emboldening Iran


The Islamic Republic’s actions in the wake of the nuke deal show the Mullahs smell blood in the water.

Iran Develops Ballistic Missiles for its Peaceful Nuclear Program


“Iran is among the only three world countries with ballistic missile technology.”

Washington Post: Republicans Mindlessly Oppose Iran Going Nuclear


If Iran gets the bomb, there will be tougher sanctions. Those worked on North Korea.

Obama’s Munich


History repeats itself — will the same atrocities follow?