The Islamic State of Iran and Gender Discrimination

Woman Hanging Iran 2

Why is the international community silent about Iran’s atrocities against women?

Rousing the Americans from Their Slumber


… Before disaster strikes again.

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Why Obama’s rhetoric shouldn’t raise Ukrainians’ hopes.

Iran Supreme Leader: “Nuclear Talks Will Lead Nowhere”


Barack Obama has put the chances of an agreement at “50-50,”

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When Iran says “Jump”, Obama asks “How high”.

The Ayatollahs Back Assad and Al-Qaeda


The Islamic Republic’s shrewd gambit in supporting two opposing groups.

Obama Gave Iran $20 Billion in Sanctions Relief

kerry iran

Experts accuse the Obama administration of misleading the public

Hating Valentine’s


Why Islamists and the radical Left loathe the Day of Love.

Iran’s Outlaws of Love


Brave citizens in the Islamic Republic defy the ban on Valentine’s Day.

Obama’s War on Israel


The modern Left’s defining foreign policy: boycott Israel, not Iran.