Executed For ‘Waging War on Allah’


The mullahs send a gruesome message with the killing of a dissident poet.

AIPAC and Iran’s War Against America


Why the pro-Israel lobbying group walked away from the Iranian sanctions push.

Iran Women’s Soccer Teams Consist of Men in Hijabs


Iranian sports teams have a lot in common with East German sports teams.

Iran Answers Appeasement with Warships

httpen.wikipedia.orgwikiList_of_current_ships_of_the_Iranian_Navy  antiship missile noor c802Frigates Alvand Moudge Corvettes Bayandor Hamzeh5 Missile Craft Houdong KamanSina Patrol Coastal Pa (10)

The frightening failure of Obama’s nuclear weapons deal with the Islamic Republic.

“Iran’s Military Fleet is Approaching United States Maritime Borders”: Iranian Fleet Commander

Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN), Ghadir class submarines Iranian Navy Persian Gulf 120-ton Ghadir torpedoes Iranian Navy Submarines Kilo SSI Fateh Nahang Ghadir Yugo (3)

Kerry’s negotiations with Iran are going really well

Iran’s Bomb in the Basement


The Middle East arms race begins.

Ayatollahs Celebrate 35 Years of Terror


Is the Islamic Republic on the verge of defeat or stronger than ever?

Iran Foreign Minister Denies Opposition to Second Holocaust

Hezbollah Lebanon Nazi Salutes

This is a problem that can only be solved with more diplomacy…

Pay Day for the Mullahs


The U.S. makes its first half-billion-dollar payment to the Iranian regime — and its military.

Islamist State of Iran: Leader in Human Rights Violation


Responding to the Mullahs’ phony human rights indictment of the U.S.