Howard Dean Now More Right-Wing on Iran than Obama


“We need to stand up to the mullahs,” said Dean.

The Iranian Threat & Obama’s Deception


Correcting the president’s mistruths.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day Charade


The world pays lip service to the Holocaust — while laying the groundwork for the next one.

Obama Blames U.S. for ‘Extremism’

Barack Obama

Key lines from the president’s SOTU address that expose his delusional foreign policy.

The Right Fights Evil —- The Left Fights the ‘Redskins’


What the U.N. focused on last week while it was ignoring the atrocities of North Korean and Iran.

Kofi Annan and Desmond Tutu Visit Iran, Pay Tribute to Ayatollah Khomeini

annan iran2

“Kofi Annan praised the role of the Islamic Republic, especially in the area of ​​peace.”

Iran TV Shocks Nation with Uncensored Video of Musical Instruments


IRIB recently showed jazz-fusion outfit Palett miming instruments

Iran vs. Israel at Davos


The Islamic Republic announces its terror economy is open for business — will the West succumb?

American Blood on Iranian Hands


From Beirut to New York.

Gathering Storms: The Iranian Drive for Nuclear Weapons


On the last lap?