The Success of Iran’s Taqiyya Tactics


Why the Obama administration might ultimately accept a nuclear Iran.

Anniversary of the Islamic Republic and Mullahs

A woman passes a poster of the Khomeini and revolutionary guards, Iran.

Thirty-six years of darkness.

Hamas and the Nexus of Global Jihad


A hub of terrorism bridging the gap between ISIS and Iran is on Israel’s doorstep.

Obama’s Surrender to Iranian Nukes


A six-year-record of indulging and conceding to the Mullahs.

Security Challenges Facing Israel in 2015

Israeli soldier looks through binoculars into Lebanon, near the northern Israeli town of Metula

Identifying the most hazardous threat to the Israelis.

Obama Versus Netanyahu, Part Deux


The Israeli Prime Minister’s answer to Obama’s unilateralism on Iran.

Iran Invades the ‘Forgotten Continent’

Iran's President Hassan Rohani speaks during an event hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Asia Society in New York

An overlooked terror infestation in Latin America.

Iran: Unafraid and Undeterred


Israel takes matters into its own hands.

Alberto Nisman and the Folly of Political Assassination


How targeted government killings backfire.

Iran-Syria-North Korea Nuclear Nexus


New reasons to doubt the Islamic Republic’s sincerity in nuclear negotiations.