Iran: ‘We Won. The Americans Have Lost It.’

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaks at the Friday prayer ceremony in Tehran

The Islamic Republic asserts its ownership of Syria — and the region.

Over 1,000 Days in Iranian Prison for U.S. Marine


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The Obama Undoctrine


Foreign policy that stands for everything and nothing. And has accomplished nothing.

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Iran’s Supreme Leader: Jihad Will End when US is Destroyed


“Battle and jihad are endless.”

Muslim Murdered Christian Woman in Texas for Encouraging his Daughter to Marry w/o Permission


Christian converts like her are often executed in Iran.

“Martyrs Breeding Nation of Iran” Demands Flogging for Actress Kissing Strange Man on Cheek


Leila Hatami stars in the Oscar-winning, “A Separation.”

Islamic Venom Over a Kiss


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Iran Unveils Strategy to Destroy US Navy with Desire for Martyrdom and Speedboats


“Relying on faith, on a desire for martyrdom, and Iran’s unique speedboats.”

60 Minutes’ Kroft Says Iran Isn’t Building a Bomb, Praises its Welfare System


“We didn’t talk to anybody who believes they’re building a bomb.”