Beneath the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Charm Offensive


While leftist European diplomats were regaled in Tehran, almost 40 Iranians were executed.

Iranian President Boasts of Humiliating Obama

Hasan Rowhani

“I recalled the words of Khomeini that one must humiliate the infidel leaders.”

J Street’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz Fighting Sanctions on Iran


“She’s being very careful not to say anything publicly>”

Third Round of Nuclear Talks: Ignoring the Threats


The international community abandons all responsibility for holding Iran accountable.

Islamist Turkey Replaces Iran as Hamas’ Sugar Daddy

A masked member of Hamas stands in front of a banner during a protest in Central Gaza Strip

Turkey it the only NATO member to recognize Hamas

Israel and Saudi Arabia: Unlikely Allies


A glance at the mutual interests.

Global Islamism: Prospects for 2014


Will the new year bring even greater shifts of power in favor of radical Islam?

Islamist Turkey PM Threatens to Expel US Ambassador for Corruption Comments


Four ministers face allegations of bribery and wrongdoing

‘Rushing’ to War with Iran?


Thirty-five years of denial that the Islamic Republic is in a state of war with the U.S.

Iran Supreme Leader Tweets Muslim Holocaust Denier


Just the newly reformed Iran eager to make peace