Iran Supreme Leader Tweets Muslim Holocaust Denier


Just the newly reformed Iran eager to make peace

Obama Inc. Opposes Sanctions on Iran, Considering Them on Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych, Barack Obama

Those Ukrainian nuclear terrorists pose a threat

Kerry’s Iranian Appeasement Pitch to Congress


Will lawmakers have the fortitude to go through with necessary sanctions?

The ObamaCare Nightmare — on The Glazov Gang


The catastrophe that Obama’s health care plan is inflicting on America.

Mullahs Threaten Global Oil Crisis


The Iranian takeover of OPEC begins.

Iran Demands World Cup Model Wear a Hijab

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“the dress of the lady does not meet our broadcasting guidelines.”

Obama: Iran Needs to Keep Nuclear Program for its “Dignity”


Demanding no enrichment, Obama said, was unrealistic

Kerry in Israel: Give Up Jordan Valley — Count on Us

US Secretary of State John Kerry Meets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

As Iran basks in its Geneva triumph.

Hillary Clinton was for the Iranian Nuke, Before She was Keeping Quiet About It


“They can enrich uranium at some future date.”

American Jewish Groups Dropped Ball on the Iran Deal


Purported pro-Israel groups are failing to do their job.