Freedom from the Hijab

Facebook Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women

Women in Iran revolt.

Iran: Not Letting Us Have Nukes is Apartheid


Also Iran won’t accept Sarin Apartheid, Weaponized Ebola Apartheid

Believing Obama on Iran


Why Israeli anxieties are mounting.

Failed Negotiations With Iran


How a hasty nuclear deal will exacerbate human rights abuses in the Islamic Republic.

Iran Becomes Regional UNESCO Representative


As long as they’re not in any way blasphemous.

Iran Navy Chief: We Can Sink US Aircraft Carrier in Less Than a Minute


He’s basing this on Iran’s ability to sink replicas of US aircraft carriers that they built.

Iran Inches Toward Total Economic Empowerment

Hasan Rowhani

The Mullahs anxiously await the final stages of the nuclear deal.

Islamic Jihad May Join All-Star, All-Terror Palestinian Unity Government


The unity government may have Iran’s blessing.

Life Under the Obama Doctrine


Why defying the White House is the only way to preserve the freedom of the Jewish people.

The Mullahs’ Response to UN Rep. Visa Denial


Hostage takers and treaty breakers complain that their rights are being abused.