Hollywood’s War Against American Sniper


Breaking the Hollywood anti-war boycott of the Iraq War.

Inside the Fight against ISIS in Iraq


The abandoned fighters on the front lines speak.

How the Islamic Republic Is Shaping Iraq & Syria


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Rep. Jim Bridenstine: ‘Weakness Is Provocative’


GOP congressman unveils the chaos unleashed by America’s retreat abroad at Restoration Weekend.

‘The Great Betrayal’ Defends Those Who Won’t Defend Themselves


David Horowitz’s new book unveils the Democrats’ treachery in Iraq — and the tragedy and bloodshed it spawned.

Why the World Did Not Know about WMD in Iraq


The reason the Bush administration never crowed about the approximately 5,000 chemical munitions that U.S. forces uncovered throughout Iraq.

Shiite Jihadist Vows to Sacrifice Camel If He Can Kill Iraqi Vice President


I suspect the camel will outlive both of them.

The Great Betrayal: Vol. Three of the Black Book of the American Left


The Democrats’ treachery in the War on Terror.

The Democrats’ Great Betrayal


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We Drove Saddam’s Yellowcake to the Baghdad Airport


I know Baathist Iraq’s WMD potential existed.