The Roots of Obama’s Indecision


The ideological Catch-22 that cripples Obama’s calculations on Syria.

Can You Hear Me Now?


Remember when President Bush said Saddam sent Iraq’s chemical weapons into Syria?

Syria Hiding Saddam’s WMDs Back in Iraq


I certainly hope Obama doesn’t invade Iraq in search of Saddam’s old WMDs

Obama and Kerry Are Now Stuck in Iraq


It’s the same old Bush Iraq where the Russians and French drag you to the United Nations and waste your time

Kerry Gave Assad a Week to Turn Over WMDs, Demanded Bush Give Saddam Months


Kerry urged Bush to give more time to the U.N. inspections process. “The United States should never go to war because it wants to; the United States should go to war because we have to.”

Obama on Syria vs. Obama on Iraq

Obama Syria

The hypocrisy of a president exposed.

Syria Claims Terrorists Behind WMD Attack Will Carry Out Similar Attack in Europe


Back in June, Iraqi authorities claimed that they broke up an Al Qaeda plot to use Sarin domestically and against the US and Europe.

Why the Jewish Archive Shouldn’t Go Back to Iraq


Experts add that Israel is keen on obtaining the manuscripts in order to prove their claim that the Jews had built the Tower of Babel

Liberal Hypocrisy in Iraq and Syria


Obama, Kerry and Hagel were against war over WMDs before they were for it.

Al Qaeda in Iraq now Operating Out of Syria, Planning to Invade Lebanon and Iran


You might ask what the downside to any of this is.