Hold Obama and the Democrats Accountable for the Terrorist Threat


The urgency of indicting the Democratic Party for its dereliction of duty.

How Obama’s Arab Spring Created the Islamic State


Does the administration see Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki as another Hosni Mubarak?

Obama’s Secretary of Defense/CIA Director: Rise of ISIS is Obama’s Fault


It couldn’t come at a worse possible time for Obama.

Daniel Greenfield on “A Christian Federation in the Middle East” — on The Glazov Gang


The Freedom Center’s Shillman Journalism Fellow stresses why Middle Eastern Christians have to stop thinking like a minority.

Left-Wing Activists Hold White House “Die In” to Support ISIS Genocide


One man held up a sign that read: “THERE IS NO MILITARY SOLUTION.”

Bill Whittle: Obama Is Bush Lite

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 12.19.11 AM

A Truth Revolt video.

Saudi Joined ISIS to “Free Iraq of Jews”


The last Jews in Iraq are long gone. Mission accomplished?

Don’t Mention the War


The administration can’t agree on what it needs to find a strategy for.

Obama’s Non-Strategy on ISIS – on The Glazov Gang


No steps forward, two steps back.

The War at Home


A Muslim serial killer in America.