World Ignores Christian Exodus from Islamic World


How Christian persecution exposes the Left’s bigotry toward Israel.

In 2007, Obama Vowed Not to Stop Genocide in Iraq


Finally a promise Obama has kept.

Unlike Libyan Jihadists and Mexican Drug Cartels, Obama Won’t “Break Law” to Provide Weapons to Kurds


Obama is all about following the law…

Obama Says There’s No Military Solution to Al Qaeda Taking Over Iraq

If only they were Muslim Brotherhood members...

France seems to think there might be a military solution.

Iraq Bombs Sharia Court, Kill Islamic State’s Sharia Judge

No Sharia for you...

It’s a tragic display of Islamophobia

Vision of an Independent Kurdistan


The crucial significance of Netanyahu’s call for an independent Kurdish state.

Jihadi Rhetoric: Tiresome but Deadly


The West ignores the message of Islamic radicals at its own peril.

What an Islamic Caliphate Would Mean for the West


Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim reveals the dire consequences of the meltdown of Iraq.

Why Obama Ignored Iraq


Obama isn’t opposed to war. He’s opposed to America.

The Islamic Caliphate: the Obama Administration’s Failed Foreign Policy in The Middle East


Obama leads from behind — and lets Iran and Russia run the show.