George Bush’s Prediction of the Iraq Meltdown


The prophetic warnings against the Left’s abandonment of Iraq.

Al Qaeda in Iraq Seizes Saddam’s WMD Facility


“The munitions could contain as much as 15,000 liters of sarin.”

Nancy Pelosi Was Against Unilateral Action in Iraq, Before She Was For It


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Hope and Change Has Crashed and Burned


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Oil and the Rise of Al-Qaeda 2.0


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Leader of Jihadist Onslaught in Iraq Released on Obama’s Watch


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Obama Golfed, Failed to Provide Air Cover for Evacuating 600 Trapped Americans


The U.S. Air Force was in a stand-down position. Just like Benghazi.

Thousands of Americans Still in the Line of Fire in Iraq


Hundreds could become hostages.

Who Lost Iraq?

The evolution of al-Qaeda from Iraq to Syria

Why Obama and the Democratic Party own the crisis in Iraq.

Daniel Greenfield on “How Obama Surrendered Iraq” — on The Glazov Gang


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