Daniel Greenfield on “How Obama Surrendered Iraq” — on The Glazov Gang


The Freedom Center’s Shillman Fellow outlines a Radical-in-Chief’s suicidal foreign policy.

Residual Failure in Afghanistan


Under Obama, expect the same tragedy in Afghanistan that transpired in Iraq.

Obama Inc. Punts on Returning Saddam’s Stolen Archive to Iraqi Jews


The issue has been pushed back to the end of Obama’s term.

Iraq Now Directly Involved in Syrian Civil War

Iraqi air force performs medical evacuation

Iraqi army helicopters hit a jihadist convoy in eastern Syria

The False Iraq-Crimea Analogy

on March 3, 2014 in Perevalne, Ukraine.

Who’s playbook is Putin really following?

The Ayatollahs’ Secret Arms Deal with Iraq


Billions flow back to Iran, and the mullahs put their increasing influence to good use.

Why Obama Freed a Terror Lawyer — on The Glazov Gang


Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield sheds disturbing light on the liberation of Lynne Stewart.

Obama Lied About Al Qaeda’s Defeat in Iraq

Iraqi security forces inspect the site of a bomb attack in Hilla

“Such horrible blasts have occurred just one week after the American withdrawal”

Robert Gates Confirms ‘Party of Defeat’ Narrative


David Horowitz vindicated by a series of revelations in the former defense secretary’s memoir.

Al Qaeda Recaptures Fallujah


In Fallujah, Marines fought the bloodiest battle of the Iraq war