Fighting Irish In the Trenches: Kathy Shaidle’s St. Patrick’s Day Toast to the Irish – Slantie! All Your Ancestors Were Ignorant Drunks!

In an uncharacteristically acidic post, NRB Kathy Shaidle turns her normally elegant and erudite pen to a gratuitous, baffling attack on the Irish. In response to NRB Blogger Michelle Horstman’s post celebrating the rise of Irish Immigrants from abject poverty and prejudice to complete integration and participation in American society, Kathy felt it was a [...]

Irish Americans: Embracing the Melting Pot Over Victimhood

Despite the fact that I’m about ¾ Irish, my dad wanted to name me “Bridget” and I have vivid memories of my elderly uncles pulling their whiskey bottles out from under the kitchen sink, the struggle of the Irish was never something talked about in my family or in history class. It just wasn’t something [...]