Egypt, 2012: The Year In Fatwas

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The year’s top examples of Sharia madness unleashed after Mubarak’s ouster.

Muslim Teen Stabs His Abused Sister 107 Times in Honor-Killing, Gets 8 Years


“This is an incredibly harsh sentence. My client is in shock,” his defense attorney said. “I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense.”

Syrian Rebels Ban Women from Wearing Pants, Force People into Mosques


One young boy who attends these classes told Reuters that pupils are taught about praying, the role of women, the place of polygamy in marriage

Islamic Jihadists Implemented Racist Sharia Law in Mali Targeting Blacks


“Those condemned to these harsh punishments were all black Malians – Sonrai, Peul, Bamba, and Della, traditionally the slaves of the Tuareg. The jihadis were a mixture of Malian Arabs and Tuaregs as well as many foreign jihadis.”

Interfaith Against ‘Islamophobia’


D.C. Church holds event with the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of North America.

Mali’s Liberation From Islamist Colonial Occupation


France saves Malians from Sharia tyranny.

Iranian Minister Who Implemented Gender Segregation at Universities Caught Having Affair


In 2009, Iran began a crackdown on female university students. Kamran defended this gender segregation policy as being in accordance with the Islamic worldview. Less in accordance with the Islamic worldview is elevator security camera footage of Kamran making out with Azadeh Ardakani, the director of the National Museum of Iran.

Islam’s Favorite Infidel

aIslams Favorite Infidel graphic for FPM

Guess what screed of hate is a bestseller in Muslim countries?

CAIR Leader Calling for Israel’s Destruction Leaves Organization


The curious departure of Hamas-lover Cyrus McGoldrick.

In Love With Easeful Death


Will America jump into the grave with Europe?