British National Death Care Meets Islamic Fatalism


“I shouted at the nurses’ counter about her condition. At this one of the nurses on duty told me to be a good Muslim and leave the control to Allah.”

Islamists Stealing Christian Children to Train as Suicide Bombers

pal kid - child abuse

The first 10 were rescued that same month and reported to ICC that they were forced to study Quran verses and Muslim prayers, pray five times a day, and learn Arabic. If they refused, they were beaten with live electric wires or rods.

Defending Our Country


The missing issue in the presidential election and why it is vital to retrieve it.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: December 2012


Christmas is a time for fear in the Muslim world.

Director of Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization Accused of Kidnapping 3-Year-Old Boy


Chiheb Battikh is the head of the Education Department for the Muslim Association of Canada. The Muslim Association of Canada is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Imam Steals $52,000 Meant for the “Barack Hussein Obama Children Center”


Sheik Moussa Drammeh admitted to The Post that instead he sank Ruth Young’s money into a wacky invention and two Web sites.

Live by the Sword, Die by the Drone


Islamic terrorism and the anti-war movement.

Raking Brennan Over the Coals


On all the issues but the most important one.

The Control Factor: Our Struggle to See the True Threat


Author Bill Siegel dissects how we are avoiding the frightening reality of what America and the West truly face.

Fact-Busters and the “Mosque-Buster”


Gavin Boby is well worth hearing, but Canadian newsmakers don’t want you to know that.