Top Muslim Authority Unwittingly Equates Jihad with Terrorism


From the horse’s mouth.

The Muslims Are Coming, Part II


Islamic supremacism is no laughing matter.

Suicide Killers


Filmmaker Pierre Rehov’s documentaries on the Palestinian Intifada hit Frontpage’s online store.

New Extremist Foxes Welcomed into U.S. Chicken Coop


A look at two of the most sinister Islamist figures in the Obama administration.

Muslims Demand “Legitimate Fatwa” Against Head Butt Statue


Qatari citizens have called for Adel Abdessemed’s statue ”Coup de Tete” (Head Butt) to be removed because it is offensive to Islam.

The Leftist Enablers of Hezbollah and Hamas


Professor Judith Butler’s “progressive” terrorists.

Passage to Marseille


Yet again, the New York Times glamorizes the fall of Europe.

Today in History: West Saved from Islam at Battle of Tours


One of the most decisive battles that ensured Western civilization’s survival.

The Psychology of Apocalyptic Hostage Takers

Nairobi mall attack

The sinister ties that bind.

UK Convert to Islam Dreamed of Marrying Man Who Would “Terrorize” Non-Muslims


“I asked for a man that would go forth, give all he could for Allah and live a life of terrorising the disbelievers.”