To Keep the Flame of Liberty Burning


Now is the time when everyone in the West must do his duty.

ISIS Snuffs Out Ancient Christianity


Churches burned, Christian “apostates” and “blasphemers” slaughtered.

Are You There Allah? It’s Me, John Kerry


The secretary of state turns enforcer for Islamic supremacism.

UK: Child Sex Exploitation Now the ‘Norm’


And it will remain the norm as long as no one in Britain has the courage to confront its root causes.

Man Says Islam is Violent, Muslims Violently Beat Him


Can’t argue with that.

Will UC Berkeley Nix Maher Commencement?


Truth-telling about Islam is not allowed.

How Un-Islamic Is Islamic Terror? – on The Glazov Gang


Two of the world’s leading scholars on Islam refuse to engage in willful blindness.

Islam’s ‘Good Cop/Bad Cop’ Routine


Why the leader of ISIS was a Muslim Brotherhood member.

Berkeley’s Jihad Against Bill Maher

Maher 726

The latest neo-fascist effort to destroy free speech and stifle debate about Islamic supremacism.

The Islamization of Jerusalem


Muslims are Islamizing Jerusalem with the blood of little girls.