Why Obama is Helping Iran Get the Bomb — on The Glazov Gang


Shillman Fellow Daniel Greenfield unveils the sinister calculations of a Radical-in-Chief.

Challenging Islam’s Warrant to Kill


The price of not confronting the Islamic idea that infidels’ lives are disposable.

Britain Surrenders


The rape gang scandal manifests a comprehensive cultural collapse.

Jihad on the Offensive

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Leading experts on Islam discuss the “Religion of Peace’s” war on the West at the West Coast Retreat.

Remembering a Racist, Black Muslim Murder Spree


Nation of Islam offshoot targeted San Francisco whites.

Winston Churchill’s War Against Islamists


If he were alive today……

CIA Chief John Brennan: Deceptions About Islam


A glimpse at what is wrong with U.S. thinking on Jihad.

UK Unveils New Law in Wake of Child Sex Abuse Gangs


But the underlying problem is cultural, not criminal.

CAIR-Florida’s New Islamic Extremist Youth


Hezbollah support is strong in the Sunshine State.

Jihad on the Offensive — on The Glazov Gang


Scholars Robert Spencer, Raymond Ibrahim and Bruce Thornton unveil the evil we are up against.