When Will We Wake Up?


A bloody day in the great clash of civilizations.

Paris Shooting – Vengeance for Transgressing Jihadist Taboos


When the sacred is polluted by the impurity of unbelievers.

Appeasement Comes Back to Haunt France

FRANCE Shooting 131106

A lesson in the temptation to bow to Islamic aggression.

UCLA’s Embarrassment: Prof. Abou El Fadl


When scholarly deficiency and intellectual dishonesty preclude a constructive debate.

A Thousand Churches Destroyed in Nigeria


The vicious Jihad against Christians ensues unabated.

Egypt’s Sisi Slams Islamism, Calls for ‘Religious Revolution’


The Egyptian president’s warning to the Muslim World in the new year.

Whitewashing Islamic Terrorism from Sydney to Jerusalem


The one detail media leave out of coverage of the recent spate of terrorist attacks.

The ‘Good War’ Obama Surrendered


Thousands of American lives squandered as the Radical-in-Chief oversees the triumph of the enemy.

Video: Jamie Glazov Introduces Geert Wilders at Restoration Weekend


Giving respect to one of the leading freedom-fighters of our time.

Islamic Law: Girls Can Be Married Even ‘In The Cradle’


The difference between Sharia and common decency reaffirmed once again.