Islamic Human Slaughterhouses for Christians — on The Glazov Gang

Egyptian Copts are the largest community of Christians left in the Middle East

Walid Shoebat sheds a horrifying light on the current plight of Christians under Islam.

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Slaughter Christian Woman


Friday: the day of Muslim prayers — and infidel bloodshed.

Woman Says Iran is Too Islamic on Facebook, Gets Arrested


How can you tell if your country is too Islamic?

Islamizing Britain’s Schools

Panorama - British Schools, Islamic Rules.WnA.avi_000083800

The media blows the lid off a scheme by extremists to hijack U.K. schools.

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Why ‘Moderate Islam’ Is an Oxymoron

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 7.54.12 PM

Controversy brews over a truth-teller’s assessment of the “religion of peace.”

War Over Wilders


The Dutch continue to rage over Geert’s “fewer Moroccans” line.

Leland Yee: An Anti-Gun Democrat Jihadists Can Love


A California politician’s quest to send millions of dollars’ worth of arms to Islamic terrorists.

FBI Bags Aspiring American ‘Assad’


Californian wanted to train Syrians, bomb Los Angeles.

Why ‘Moderate Islam’ Is an Oxymoron


The West’s invention of the notions of “moderate” and “extreme” Islam.

Lessons from Leaving Islamic Tyranny

tragiran (1)

What coming to America taught me about Islam’s influence on national identity.