The Aftermath of Jihad: Invisible Women

Muslim Girls Niqab Picture Image Wallpapers (6)

Where Islam takes root, gender apartheid follows.

Al-Qaeda vs. Al-Qaeda Lite in Syria


A jihadist-on-jihadist quagmire erupts.

60 Percent of Gazans Killed in Operation Pillar of Defense were Terrorists


Of the 101 identified terrorists, 71 were Hamas, 17 Islamic Jihad, 6 from the PRC, 3 from Fatah, 2 from the Army of Islam, one from the PFLP, and one from a Salafi group.

Islamic Jihad Leaders Caught Using Reporters as Human Shields


Media organizations complain about Israeli air strikes, but they make no effort to put distance between themselves and Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist operations during a war. If reporters voluntarily choose to act as human shields for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, what exactly does that say about their agenda?

Game Changer: Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System


Enemies of the Jewish State take notice.

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Will Israel Invade Gaza?


Tough pros and cons for Jerusalem.

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Islamic Jihad: Iran’s New Favored Proxy


Shifting alliances underlie the latest onslaught against Israel.

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Iran’s Proxy War from Gaza


Unprecedented speculation of an Israeli strike.

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Slouching Toward “Palestine”


Hezbollah, Hamas and “moderate” Fatah prepare for the next war.

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Bin Laden Is History. The Jihad Is Not

bin Laden

Symbols are important, and the death of the symbol of Islamic jihad is important. But the jihad will go on.