When Secularism Is Not Enough


Are we sure Islamic jihad can be resisted by reliance on Western secular values alone?

From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 28, 2010

In an insightful essay exploring the incipient alliance between Western radicalism and Islamic jihad, the socialist author Paul Berman suggests that in Sayyid Qutb’s writings about social justice he was inspired by the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” He stopped short, however, of incorporating the Marxist idea of class conflict into his doctrines. But a [...]

“Israel Isn’t Worth An American Dollar?” Not the Face of My Tea Party!

Michael Scheuer, a 22 year veteran of the CIA and the former head of the Osama Bin Laden Unit, speaks as an authority on matters of Islamic Jihad and our related foreign policy. Now retired, the analyst maintains a website, Non-Intervention.com on which he offers the following insight:
To the extent that Washington — under both [...]

Do Clothes Make the Muslim?


Buddhists don’t wear burqas.

Do Clothes Make the Muslim? Buddhists Don’t Wear Burqas

Last week, Newsweek published yet another liberal opinion piece: Superficially but falsely even-handed, optimistic, pro-Arab and Muslim culture, pro-Judeo-Christian Western culture—safely middle-of-the-road. So “middle” that the reader does not really know what road she is on or where she is going. The journalist, Christopher Dickey, is writing about the new winner of the Miss America contest, [...]

Times Square Denial


Obama officials jump to wrong conclusions to stop Americans from making the right ones.

Denying Jihad — Again


The mainstream media can’t find Islam in the Times Square car bomb attempt.

Appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood


How Obama’s policies are facilitating a potential Islamist take-over in Egypt.

How Evil Works


Understanding and overcoming the destructive forces that are transforming America.

From the Writings of David Horowitz: April 18, 2009

I arrived in Austin, Texas, one evening recently to give a speech about academic freedom at the university there. Entering the hall where I was to give my speech, I was greeted — if that’s the word — by a raucous protest organized by a professor and self-styled Bolshevik, Dana Cloud. Forty protesters hoisted placards [...]