Khamenei, Ahmadinejad Rift Deepens


Allah’s deputy on Earth warns there’s “no problem” with scrapping the president.

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Khamenei Cheers On Occupy Wall Street


The Unholy Alliance on full display.

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Bin Laden Is History. The Jihad Is Not

bin Laden

Symbols are important, and the death of the symbol of Islamic jihad is important. But the jihad will go on.

The Urgency of Sanctions


Waiting for tough sanctions prolongs human suffering in Iran.

Betraying Iranian Women


U.N Commission on the Status of Women looks to Iran for advice on women’s rights.

Now Change is Brought to Obama

The health care debate has overshadowed a pretty interesting change in President Obama’s message to Iran. Yesterday, President Obama released a videotaped message to Iran, just as he did last year. Notice the change in tone. Click here for the message and here for last year’s remarks.
He still opened by saying “The Islamic Republic of Iran” as [...]

State of the Union Address: Lost Opportunity to Support Iranian People

President Obama understandably focused the vast majority of the State of the Union on domestic issues. As a national security specialist, though, I listened and waited to hear about the threats facing us as they are what I am best educated in. To my disappointment, President Obama again referred to the [...]

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Common Sense in Egypt and Saudi Arabia – by Daniel Pipes


Some Egyptians and Saudis support the idea of an Israeli strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

Politicization of Middle Eastern Studies – by Brendan Goldman


On blatant display at Columbia U. Iran conference