UK Gay Muslim: “Sharia Law in This Country Would Take Away All My Civil Liberties”

omar kuddus

“Homosexuals are persecuted not only by death and torture, but are treated as second class citizens in most Arabic nations. Britain is a multicultural state… Sharia law has nothing constructive to contribute to modern day Britain.”

Muslim Gets 40 Lashes for Drinking Alcohol…. in Australia


Sharia law, as we’re told, is a non-issue made up by Islamophobes that will never come to the West. Certainly not the punitive kind. That would be ridiculous. Except of course that it’s already here.

Muslim Soccer Players Refuse to Wear Non-Sharia Compliant Shirts


This is the Target cashier/Muslim taxi driver problem all over again where Muslims don’t just practice their religion, but impose its mandates on others by refusing to do their job and perform services for non-Muslims whom they consider to be violating Islamic law.

Moderate Tunisian Islamists Put Raped Woman on Trial for Indecency


The interior ministry said the woman and her boyfriend were apprehended by three policemen in an immoral position. Two policemen then raped her, while the third held the handcuffed fiance. If found guilty of indecency, she could be jailed for six months.

Then They Came for the Mohammed Filmmakers and I Did Not Speak Out


Magistrate Judge Suzanne H. Segal ordered Nakoula detained, adding that he poses “some danger to the community.” He faces a maximum of three years in prison

VIDEO: Assistant Attorney General Refuses to Rule Out Blasphemy Prosecutions

a man walking through a Muslim neighborhood wearing a provocative t-shirt, who is set upon and stabbed by a Muslim, could be charged with inciting the very violence that he was a victim of

How Obama’s Economics Will De-Fund Churches


What the failed socialist experiment tells us.

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John Brennan and the Politics of Capitulation


Obama’s national security deputy apologizes for America before an Islamist imam.

Flight 253: The Lessons Not Learned – by Jamie Glazov


A U.S. military veteran reveals how America remains vulnerable and naïve.