The Islamic State, Then and Now


Lessons from the extermination campaign against the Armenians.

The Imaginary Islamic Radical


What did ISIS do that Mohammed didn’t?

Islamic State Prime Time


ISIS launches its growing-up-jihadi video theme — by exploiting a 10-year-old boy.

Turkey, Friend or Foe?


Even Joe Biden is talking about Erdogan’s treacherous support for the Islamic State.

Congressman’s Idea: Hey, Let’s Combat the Islamic State’s Ideology

Black and White Gala for Barack Obama

Brad Sherman (D-CA) is sure that Muslim scholars can refute the caliph.

The Islamic State Widens its Bridgehead in North Africa


An impotent Obama watches as the ISIS cancer spreads from Algeria to Egypt.

Obama’s Eulogy for “Abdul Rahman Kassig” — on The Glazov Gang


Exploiting the murder of an American in order to do public relations for Islam.

More Beheadings, More Denial


How many more will feel the blade at their necks before Obama and the rest embrace reality?

Latest IS Beheading Video: New Levels of Ritual Madness


A preview of what the Islamic State intends to do.

A Dead Caliph vs. the Hydra of Jihad


Has the self-appointed leader of the Islamic State been killed? Does it matter?