A Memorial Day for Islamic Terror


The best way to remember the dead is to tell the truth about their killers.

Carrying Water for Jihad at ‘The Nation’


The hard-Left magazine’s special issue demonizes those resisting Islamic terror.

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Unhappy Anniversary


It was a big week for anniversaries in Islamic terror.

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An Open Letter to Charles Johnson


Your reasons for breaking with the Right don’t add up.

Why the Rich Muslim Boy Became a Terrorist – by Jamie Glazov


And why liberals can’t acknowledge what drove Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab.

Obama’s New Year Gift to the Saudi King – by Nonie Darwish


How the KSM trial in New York will boost Muslim clerics’ call for hate and justifications for 9/11.

Flight 253: The Lessons Not Learned – by Jamie Glazov


A U.S. military veteran reveals how America remains vulnerable and naïve.

Evangelical Pacifism in the War on Terror – by Mark D. Tooley


Will turning the other cheek keep us safe from Islamofascists?

Fort Hood Denial – by Jamie Glazov


Why the Left can’t accept the Islamic roots of Nidal Hasan’s shooting spree.