Al Qaeda is a Terrorist Group… and a Guerrilla Group

A fat Al Qaeda terrorist in a hood with a machine gun. This is what Syrian freedom looks like.

These are all just different means of killing people.

Muslim Terrorist in Israel Plotted Terror Attack for US Tax Dollars


The Palestinian Authority is one big magnet for terrorism.

Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Murder of 3 “Korean Zionists” in Sinai


Israel attempted to offer aid, but its ambulances were refused access.

Exploding Koran Bomb Kills Pakistani Soldier


“Normally if that book is lying somewhere on the floor, you tend to pick it up.”

Tokyo Court Allows Religious Profiling of Muslim Terrorists


The court ruled Japanese police had the right to collect information on Muslims

“Brigades of Lone Wolves” Emerges as New Islamic Terror Group in Egypt


First you have one lone wolf. And then another.

President of Student Palestinian Group Eagerly Looking Forward to Her Future Son Dying While Killing Jews


“I will soak a koffiah with your blood and save it to show to your siblings.”

Another Obama Federal Judge Forces NYPD to Open Files to Terrorists


Reverse-engineer the information and you’ve got a how-to-strike-New York training manual.

Kenya Killers Used Muslim Prayer to tell apart Muslims and non-Muslims


Several children were among those massacred. Some of those killed were executed after failing to recite a Muslim prayer at gunpoint.

Nidal Hasan on Anwar Al-Awlaki: “We Are Muslims Trying to Establish the Religion of Allah as Supreme on the Land.”


Nidal Hasan confesses to being Al Qaeda. He names Anwar Al-Awlaki, an Al-Qaeda leader, as his mentor, and describes them as sharing a mission to impose Islam on America