Democratic Maryland Governor Prepares 2016 Presidential Bid


Gov. Martin O’Malley’s disappointing record on Islamism.

Muslim Brotherhood Kills Its Own


Why the bloodshed works to their advantage.

A Leftist’s Harsh Words for the Unholy Alliance


A surprising denouncement of liberals’ embrace of Islamist human rights abusers.

Islam is the Ultimate Sleeper Cell


Every believer in Islam is a potential terrorist. Islam is the ultimate sleeper cell. Terrorism is coded into the ideological DNA of a religion built on war.

None Dare Call It Islamism


How the media’s control of language has sabotaged our ability to fight our enemy.

“Arab Girls, Jews and Drinking Villagers were the Prime Enemies in Our Midst”


“From that moment we weren’t allowed to feel affection for our female classmates. Instead they became enemies; creatures intended to lead us astray.”

The Threat of Islamic Betrayal


Assassination attempt in Turkey exposes Islamist deceit and hate.

Germany Bans Islamist Groups for Plotting to Impose Sharia Law


“Salafism, as represented by the groups banned today, is incompatible with our peaceful, democratic system,” Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said in a statement.

Mali Islamists Beat Little Girls, Forced 1-Year-Olds to Wear Burqas

Baby burka

“We don’t want the army to catch him. It’s the women who want to arrest him so that we can kill him ourselves.”

Islamophobic Women of Mali Celebrate French Liberation and End of Islamic Law


The women haven’t seen very much for a long time because the jihadis would not let them wear glasses. Hamchat Dicko, who has only one eye, said. “They didn’t want women to see the world.”