Al-Qaeda, Islamists Seek Sharia State in Syria


How the Muslim Brotherhood-influenced Obama administration is empowering radicalized elements of the opposition.

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Obama’s New Islamic World Order


Destroying allies, empowering Islamists.

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New York Times Shills for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood


Offering solid facts, with false interpretations.

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Islamists the Islamists Within


Rep. Michele Bachmann and colleagues call for an investigation — and are attacked by Islamist propagandists.

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The Election Farce in Libya


A Gaddafist and the Muslim Brotherhood carry off a sham election.

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Libya’s Sharia Mandate


The only question is how much Islamic law, how soon.

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The Danger in Dealing With Islamists


Why it has always backfired on the U.S. and the West.

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The Jihadi Threat Within


FBI investigation speculates that over 100 suspected Islamists are in the U.S. military.

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The Growing Iran-Turkey Rivalry


The vacuum left by America’s withdrawal from Iraq brings out an old power struggle.

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Mali: West Africa’s Afghanistan


Since the fall of Gadhafi, radical Islamists have been flocking to the new terrorist safe haven.

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