Egypt: Too Big to Fail?


How long will the Muslim Brotherhood ride the U.S. gravy train?

Morocco PM Claims He Isn’t Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim Brotherhood Says He Is


The problem with Benkirane’s denial is that not only does his Justice and Development Party look and sound like the other Islamist fronts for the Brotherhood in the region, and it is widely known as the local Brotherhood franchise, but the Muslim Brotherhood’s own site described the JDP as its offshoot in an article with the topic “MB Around the World.”

Middle Eastern Liberals Break With Western Liberals Over Islamism


“Rather than advocating strategic support for parties who may use elections to halt the call for continuing change and attack basic rights, shouldn’t you support the voices for both liberty and equality that are arguing that the revolutions must continue?”

American Islamists’ Curious Support for the Syrian Rebels


What the proponents of intervention in the conflict say about the cause.

CAIR Leader Runs for New York City Council


Zead Ramadan eyes a bigger platform from which to promote his Islamist agenda.

Mali’s Liberation From Islamist Colonial Occupation


France saves Malians from Sharia tyranny.

Egyptian Islamist: “The voice of violence shall prevail above everything else”


“The voice of violence shall prevail above everything else,” said El-Zomor, official spokesperson of Al-Gamaa Al-Islamiya’s Construction and Development Party.

North Africa Is the New Afghanistan


The real war is just beginning.

New Islamist Mosque Opens in Virginia

Picture 9

The Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Circle of North America receives a helping hand from local churches.

Algeria: Obama’s Chickens Come Home to Roost


Latest jihad attack a harbinger of much more — and much worse — to come.