Muslim Overrepresented 300% in UK Prisons

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They’re only overrepresented 200% in London prisons.

2 percent of England Doesn’t Speak English

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More than half of those don’t work.

Burqa Thug: “Why Are You Inviting Naked Women in the Mosque?”


Radicalization is really active religiosity as opposed to secularism or religious apathy.

Muslim Atheists in UK Fear for Their Lives


“As long as they knew where I was, I wasn’t safe.”

Irish Man Converts to Islam, Beheads Mom over Divorce


“His faith was very important to him and he prayed five times a day.”

Supporter of Muslim Terrorists in Israel Blown Away by Taliban in Afghanistan


“If you want to experience the horrors of apartheid… visit France.”

Baby Boom: 1 in 10 Babies and Toddlers in UK are Muslim

ghost burka women

One expert said Muslims would outnumber Christians

Half of Londonistan Docs Treated FGM Mutilated Girls Last Year


66,000 women and girls in Britain have undergone FGM.

Terrorist Mosque Attended by Muslim Murderers Claims It Is the Real Victim


He was using the premises to show children videos of 9/11, chanting “Allah is great”.

UK Muslim Financed Syrian Jihad by Mugging Londoners


Two of the gang’s victims needed hospital treatment after the gun was fired at them.