Muslim Imam on European Welfare Passes Time by Urging Murder of Jews, Molesting Little Girls


Mansour clenched his fist and shouted “Allahu Akbar” in court.

Muslim Terrorists Want to Stage a European 9/11 for Christmas


Muslims have plans to give Europe a Christmas present.

Muslims Robbing European Churches to Finance Terrorism


Sometimes the thieves stole money and all manner of valuable objects in broad daylight.

Hague: No Jewish Displays Here, We’re Muslim


Dutch police advised forbidding it because it would be a target for vandalism

Attempted Synagogue Arson in Germany Carried Out by Muslims


The New Moderate Nazis are here.

New York Times: Europe Needs to Embrace Islam


Deny everything. No one mention the Jihad.

13-Year-Old European Muslim Child Soldier Fighting for ISIS in Syria


A preview of parts of Europe in 15-20 years

Islamic Terrorist Group Demands Islamic State… in Downtown Oslo


“We do not wish to live together with dirty beasts like you.”

Muslim Settlers in Spain Call for Putting “Fear into the Jews”


We’re all supposed to pretend that this is anti-Zionism not anti-Semitism.

0.3% of Jewish Population of France Leaves in 3 Months


The number of French Jews leaving for Israel has been growing steadily.