Denmark Saves $10 Billion by Restricting Third World Immigration

But where will this Soldier of Allah go?

Increasing numbers of Somalis are moving away

Dog-Killing Afghan Refugee to Swedes: “Throw Me Out and I’ll Kill 10 of You”


“You just drink your alcohol, but I can not smoke my ganja.”

240 Years After UK Abolished Slavery, Anti-Slavery Teams are Set Up in Airports


Hall’s Egyptian parents sold her into slavery when she was 8 for $30 a month

2% of Italy is Muslim, 35% of Italian Prisoners are Muslim


There are 181 Imams in Italian prisons.

Iraqi Muslim Rapes Blind German Senior Citizen, Gets Parole and $4800 Fine


But the taxi authority may consider suspending his license.

Islam to Become Ireland’s 2nd Largest Religion


He would like to see Shariah law adopted in Ireland

Only Countries Where Atheists Face Death are Muslim


In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim

Female Politician Attacked by Muslim Over Burka Protest May be Jailed


Obviously it’s the native Italian woman protesting the Burka who will be jailed

Islamic Sharia Court in Berlin Demands Defendant Pay 100 Camels


“We do not want to threaten you, but if you’re on the road, we can not guarantee your life.”

UK PM: “The Idea That ‘Your Children will Kneel before Allah’ is Ludicrous.”


Your children will not only kneel before Allah. They will murder those who refuse to kneel.