Germany’s Christian Democratic Union Party Gains First Muslim Parlimentarian

Cemile Giousouf

“Religious people, whatever religion they belong to, have shared interests. Both Muslims and Christians in Germany want for example to have religion taught at school.”

Swedish Minister Looks Forward to Europe Turning into Africa

Sweden's future?

“Look at all the beautiful colours the women here are wearing. Within ten years this is what it is going to look like all over Europe.”

Denmark Convicts Iranian Woman of Racism for Calling Islam Mysognistic

Firoozeh Bazrafkan

” I am disappointed and angry because I should have the right to write and say what I want.”

3/4 Sentenced on Terror Charges in UK are Muslims

muslims uk

Muslims make up less than 5 percent of the UK, but 73 percent of terror convictions

2,000 Mutilated Girls Sought Treatment at London Hospitals


298 operations to reverse unlawful “cutting” of London women have been carried out.

Swedish Man Charged with Islamophobic Honking Outside a Mosque


When the Caliphate finally comes to Sweden, hardly anyone will even notice the difference.

“English Owners” Sign on Chip Shop Provokes Outrage… in England


“One man called me and said he was going to pressure cooker bomb my shop.”

Head of UK Police “Muslim Contact Unit” Leaked Plans to Arrest Islamic Terrorist Leader

Government Set To Ban Islamist Group That Planned Wootton Bassett March

No one sympathetic to an Islamic leader should be in the chain of information for his arrest.

Muslim Cleric: “Don’t Beat Women in the Face. The Face is Owned by Allah”

muslim feminism

“The Prophet urged us and told us that when you beat someone, you should never beat him or her on his or her face. This is because the face is owned by Allah.”

Muslims in Germany Celebrate Ramadan with Four Nights of Rioting


On Thursday evening a mob attacked policemen. Last night they burned cars and hurled stones.