The Islamist Ties of ‘Religions for Peace USA’


The latest Brotherhood alliance against “Islamophobia.”

Islamophilia Unmasked


A new book by Douglas Murray performs a valuable service.

If You Loved Islamophobia, Get Ready for Obamaphobia

Obamaphobe 4 blog

Democrats are on the verge of inventing a special new form of bigotry just for Obama. Obamaphobia.

Father of “Most Wanted Terrorist” Accuses Alabamans of Islamophobia for Not Letting Him Build a Mosque


The memo says its “work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

UK Anti-Islamophobia Group Defunded for Making Up “Wave of Islamophobia”

british muslims

Is it Islamophobia or Islamophonia?

UK Muslims Claim “Massive Backlash” and “Endemic Fear” Caused by 120 Internet Posts


The Telegraph has been unable to find a single confirmed case where any individual Muslim has received an injury requiring medical treatment.

My Brief Exciting Career in Genocide Incitement


The internet makes games of broken telephone a lot of fun.

Berkeley Profs: ‘Islamophobia’ Greater Threat Than Islamic Terrorism


America’s Middle East studies establishment continues to nurture our surrender to Jihad.

CAIR Says “Islamophobia” is the Biggest Problem in American-Islamic Relations


But could it be something else?

My Thoughts On Boston


The root cause of this bombing and the Jihad itself is a religious fanaticism within Islam.