Confronting the Muslim Brotherhood in the American Heartland — on The Glazov Gang


Dr. Mark Christian’s stand-off with an Islamist charade in Obama, Nebraska.

Jamie Glazov Exposes Muslim Brotherhood Charade in the American Heartland


Frontpage Editor unveils the sinister roles of CAIR and ISNA in the “Tri-Faith Initiative.”

As Middle East Burns, Carter Heads to Convention of Unindicted Terrorism Co-conspirator


Former President Jimmy Carter will speak and sign books at the ISNA convention

Islamist-Interfaith Alliance Battles Foreign Law Bans


Muslim Brotherhood front groups and their allies launch an assault on U.S. law integrity.

Same ISNA, Same Terror


ISNA Canada loses its tax status because of terrorist financing.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Man in the White House


Obama’s affection for the Islamic supremacist group has been unstinting.

Canada Ditches Obama’s Favorite Terror-Funding Charity


ISNA’s charity status revoked up north — so why is the president embracing it as a “partner”?

CAIR Honors Leading Interfaith Islamist


Success that any Muslim Brotherhood entity can appreciate.

Canadian ISNA Loses Tax Exempt Status over Terror Cash


Hizbul Mujahideen is listed as a terrorist entity by the Council of the European Union and is declared a banned terrorist organization by the Government of India.

Syrian Opposition’s Spokesman in US is ISNA Member Who Supported Terrorists


Safi and a terrorism suspect mocked a U.S. order that banned dealings with foreign terrorist groups. They also said that Jews controlled the White House.