CAIR Teams Up with Church to Sue NSA


The Islamists’ interfaith allies strike again…

The Baptist-Brotherhood Political Alliance


Another interfaith triumph for ISNA.

Texas Mega-Church Leader Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front

Bob Roberts

Unmasking the stealth jihadists and their “interfaith” collaborators.

ISNA Discusses Interfaith Success with Erdogan

A masked member of Hamas stands in front of a banner during a protest in Central Gaza Strip

U.S. Brotherhood entity boasts of political alliances with non-Muslims.

Obama Uses Terror-Finance Group to Push Gun Control


U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front ISNA joins special “interfaith” meeting with Joe Biden.

Can Buying Food Contribute to Terrorism?


The Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America partners with terror-financier ISNA.

White House Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front


Obama administration reveals its close ties with terror-financing co-conspirator ISNA.

Interfaith Against ‘Islamophobia’


D.C. Church holds event with the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic Society of North America.

Illinois State Government’s Muslim Brotherhood Love Affair


Classic case of stealth jihad.

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CAIR’s Campaign Against the Truth


Why the official handbooks of Muslim Brotherhood front groups are the best sources for understanding the dangers we face.

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