The Witch-Hunters of the Israeli Left


Free speech for communists, but not for pro-Israel Zionists.

Israeli Ministers Blast Kerry: “We Will Not Hold Talks with a Gun to Our Head.”


“He wants to decrease the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel.”

SodaStream and the Absurdity of BDS


Imagine a campaign whose sole purpose is to force black people and white people to stop interacting.

No Time to Spare: Talking about Israel’s Legal Grounds


Time for Israel to assert its rights.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day Charade


The world pays lip service to the Holocaust — while laying the groundwork for the next one.

German-Israeli Relations Sliding Downward


A reliable friend changes course.

Abbas Says No to Israel as a Jewish State


What did the Palestinians agree to exactly in 1993 at the start of the Oslo process?

Arabs Use Peace to Destroy Israel Piece By Piece

Palestinian protesters throw stones toward Israeli forces-1445642

Netanyahu’s tough words for the prospect of a judenrein Palestine.

George Soros Funding Anti-Israel Evangelical Group

George Soros

Telos receives “approximately half” of their funding from Soros

Communist Teacher in Israel Told Students to Dodge the Draft


“As far as he was concerned, the Jews had no business being in Israel at all.”