Jewish/Christian Birthrates Increasing in Israel, Muslim Rates Decreasing


The Muslim growth rate dropped from 3.8 percent in 2000, to just 2.4% in 2013.

Bringing Happiness to Iran


Should Israel openly support internal opponents of the Islamic Republic?

UK Environmentalist: Don’t Bomb ISIS, Bomb Israel


“Surely these atrocities demand an air war against Israel?”

Israel’s Bright Future


How the Jewish State has matured into a resourceful developed nation.

Israel Bashers’ Phony Contrition

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 1.13.04 AM

European high society launches a vicious anti-Semitic attack against the Jewish State.

‘Ehr Daw’ —- They’re Here


A dangerous enemy is on the march and closing in.

White House: American Values Demand We Keep Jews Out of Jerusalem


“The idea that we’d have this ethnic purification as a condition for peace.”

The Silent Intifada

Palestinians hurl stones during clashes with Israeli police in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Wadi Joz

A disturbing wave of violence unleashed.

Congresswoman Calls for End to Federally Funded Campus Anti-Semitism


“It is vital to ensure that academic programs do not become tilted against Israel.”

The Lies They Tell


Palestinian terrorists ramp up their blood libels against Israel.