Should Israel Agree to a Cease-fire?


A truce now will only give Hamas time to gather strength.

U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Springs into Action


The unholy alliance amps up pressure on Obama to throw Israel under the bus.

The War for the Future of the Middle East


Islam aspires to be an empire once again and the Jews are in the way.

Israel Hatred at the Huffington Post

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Brought to you by Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

Religious Left Joins in Condemning Israel


But Hamas’s genocidal onslaught against the Jewish State gets a pass.

Bombing Gaza is Not In and Of Itself a Solution


Israel has two options. Either destroy Hamas by wiping enough of its leaders and fighters in Gaza from the air that the organization ceases to be a viable means of controlling Gaza, or retake control of Gaza in a ground assault and accomplish the same thing the hard way

Islamic Jihad Leaders Caught Using Reporters as Human Shields


Media organizations complain about Israeli air strikes, but they make no effort to put distance between themselves and Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist operations during a war. If reporters voluntarily choose to act as human shields for Hamas and Islamic Jihad, what exactly does that say about their agenda?

The Only Way for Israel to Win is By Giving Up


The media specialize in two things, reporting on sex scandals and promoting irrational memes. “War never solves anything” is an article of faith on the left and it is invariably applied to anything and everything, except for some mysterious reason, WW2, where war apparently did solve some things.

Obama’s Gaza War


How Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood pandering made war inevitable.

A Ground Op Against Hamas?


Israel weighs its options.