Legal Despots and the Threat to Israeli Democracy


The radical Israeli Left and judicial enablers succeed in their efforts to destroy an Israeli community.

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Israeli Vice Prime Minister: Obama Encouraging Iranian Obstinacy


Moshe Ya’alon is not only the Vice Prime Minister, he is also Israel’s Minister of Strategic Affairs and the former Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces. And this is the closest he has come to saying that Obama is empowering Iran

Islamist Vandals Wage War on Free Speech


Vigilante censorship on behalf of Islam is on the rise.

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A Just Verdict in the Rachel Corrie Case


The patron saint of the pro-terror Left was not killed by Israel.

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The Fraud of Identity Studies


What the “queen” of Queer Studies, Judith Butler, and her recent award say about the questionable state of the discipline.

A Personal Face to the Father of Modern Zionism


New film presents a captivating account of a man who changed the course of Jewish history, Theodor Herzl.

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Israel Faces the Cynical World


The Left’s readiness to rub elbows with anti-Semites reaches critical levels.

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Minority Elites and Israel’s Jewish Defamers


A glimpse into the dark world of the collaborators.

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Why an Israeli Strike on Iran Will Happen Before the Election


Countdowns in Tehran and Jerusalem.

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Israel Contemplates: What If America Doesn’t Come Through?


Why Israelis are abandoning faith in the international community as Iran’s genocidal rhetoric only increases.

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