Iranian Drone Shot Down Over Israel (VIDEO)

The drone was shot down by an F-16 (“Sufa”) with an anti-aircraft missile, in the area of Yatir forest in the northern Negev (the south Mount Hebron area), in order to prevent damage to populated areas.

Will Assad’s Fall Secure Israel’s Golan Heights?


The flip side of the Sunni Islamist consolidation of the region is that minority Muslim peoples now have no choice but to turn to Israel. There will be no room for the Druze in an Islamist state, and that leaves them with a choice of Israel or nothing.

Do Peace Activists Care More about Gaza than Syria?


The proof is in that Gaza flotillas are public relations ploys to damage the Jewish State.

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The Jewish Gene?


How to account for Jewish self-betrayal?

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Israel Strike on Iran Nukes Will Not Begin WWIII


Failed former UK Tory Party leader Michael Howard asserts: “The only thing worse than the prospect of an Iran with nuclear weapons would be the consequences of using force to stop them”.

Denouncing Jihad Is ‘Hate Speech’?


The Christian Left is more concerned with language used to describe killers than their war of annihilation.

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Are Jewish Settlements Built on Arab Land?


The truth behind the deceitful reports manufactured by the Israeli Left.

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The Egyptian President: Respect the Arab World


Then we’ll all get along just fine.

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Lebanese Reformer Seeks Safe Haven


Pro-Western activist Moustafa Geha lives to tell his story following an assassination attempt.

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Wistrich on ‘the Left, the Jews and Israel’


Leading scholar of anti-Semitism delves into the history of the Left’s abandonment of the Jewish people.

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