‘They Stole Our Land’ vs. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem


The testimony of an unimpeachable source shatters Arabs’ and leftists’ favorite narrative about the Jews.

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Voices of Palestine: Yasser Arafat, Part I

Yassir Arafat alt small

The Godfather of terror.

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Panetta to Israel: Don’t Touch Iran


Leave it to us, though we intend to do nothing.

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What’s Really Wrong with the Middle East


Why is the Israeli-Arab Palestinian conflict the only story worth covering in the Western press?

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Voices of Palestine: Ahlam Tamimi

Ahlam Tamimi small

A proud child-killer and soldier of Allah.

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Targeting Evangelicals for ‘Palestine’


Christian activists gather to rail against the Jews.

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Juan Cole’s Totalitarian Odyssey


Easy on Islamists, rough on democracies.

Will Israel Face Iran Alone?


It won’t be the first time the Jewish State is left to fend for itself.

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Despicable Israel Libels on Display at U Cal


Another sign of the collapse of American higher education.

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Barack Obama’s Snubmarine


Blowing a hole in the ship of state.

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