Israel Mulls Response as Rockets Hit


Jerusalem fears lack of support from Washington, Europe.

Norwegian ‘King’s Medal’ to Go to Radical Anti-Semite


Public outcry ensues over honoring a jihad supporter who warns followers to “beware the Jews.”

Gaza, Judea and Samaria: Prison or Paradise?


How tourists’ accounts curiously collide with the Arab “Palestinian misery” narrative.

America in Decline


Is American exceptionalism evaporating?

Israel Under Siege


Simultaneous assaults by Iranian clients may be more than just coincidence.

Israel Haters Invade Wheaton College


Site named after pro-Israel evangelist Billy Graham becomes scene of anti-Zionism.

A Time for Courage, and Action

Bibi Jerusalem

With Obama’s re-election, Israel must look inward more than ever.

The Rise of Islamic Turkey — Under Obama


The coming Islamic superpower that will expand throughout the Near East — and eventually pose a dire threat to the West and Israel.

Anti-Israel Christians Stir Further Controversy


The Religious Left presses on with its favorite campaign.

Obama Wins the “Kill the Jews” Vote


To be fair this could easily fit into the next J Street conference or Sarah Silverman comedy routine.