Obama Warns Building Houses in Jerusalem Will Distance Israel

obama netanyahu

Meanwhile Obama will go on protecting Iran’s nuclear program.

Palestinian Authority News Praises Killers of 3 Israeli Teens as “Martyrs”

Palestinians Continue Peace Talks In Mecca

There’s no difference between Hamas and the PLO

What the Arab World Produces


And how the world suffers the consequences.

Lord of the Rings Star Claims Only “Small Minority” of Palestinians Engage in Terrorism


“Palestinian” Arabs have elected two terrorist parties to power.

PR Agency Proclaims: Israel Is Controversial, Muslim Brotherhood Is Not


The bigotry and double standards of one of the nation’s leading PR firms.

A Prayer for 5775


My hope for the American Jewish community this Rosh Hashana.

Israeli Soldiers Take Out Hamas Killers of 3 Teens


“We promised that we would get their children’s murderers and we did.”

Adam Z Kawalek, Gay Jewish Gaza Supporter, Had to Hide Being Jewish and Gay from Hamas in Gaza


“No one else knew I was Jewish, and even he didn’t know I was gay.”

Bill Clinton: Hamas Shoots Rockets into Israel Because They Feel Disempowered


“Hamas is feeling weak and disempowered, and they fire 3,000 rockets into Israel.”

Hatred Masquerading as Scholarship in the Classroom


… And how your tax dollars fund it.