A Prayer for 5775


My hope for the American Jewish community this Rosh Hashana.

Israeli Soldiers Take Out Hamas Killers of 3 Teens


“We promised that we would get their children’s murderers and we did.”

Adam Z Kawalek, Gay Jewish Gaza Supporter, Had to Hide Being Jewish and Gay from Hamas in Gaza


“No one else knew I was Jewish, and even he didn’t know I was gay.”

Bill Clinton: Hamas Shoots Rockets into Israel Because They Feel Disempowered


“Hamas is feeling weak and disempowered, and they fire 3,000 rockets into Israel.”

Hatred Masquerading as Scholarship in the Classroom


… And how your tax dollars fund it.

The Surreal ‘Reconstruction’ of Gaza


The madness that passes for diplomacy within the world of the U.N.

Bill Clinton: Israel Must Be Forced to Make Peace


“If we don’t force him to have peace, we won’t have peace.”

Ted Cruz’s a Badge of Honor


The senator’s courageous stand against virulent Jew hatred.

A Resilient Nation


Israel since the Six-Day War.

Dumbest Man in Israel Denounces Government Force Feeding Him Jewish Settler Goat Yogurt


“My yoghurt has overtaken me. The Hebron Hills area has become the bastion of the Jewish goat.”