Iran’s Proxy War Against Israel


Where is the media’s outrage against the Islamic Republic?

Academic Lies and Distortions in the Cognitive War Against Israel


The blood libel has been revivified.

Obama and Kerry Pressure Israel to Leave Hamas Alone


A look at the Jewish state’s choices for its survival.

Denmark Responds to Muslim Anti-Semitism by Shutting Down Israeli Peace Rally

via Vilhjalmur Orn Vilhjalmsson

“You Zionist pig; You Jew; I am going to behead you.”

Kerry Puts Hamas’ Demands First, Israel’s Security Last


This is the paper that Kerry denied existed.

US Firefighters Volunteer to Help Put Out Hamas Terror Rocket Fires in Israel


“The brotherhood of the firefighters goes all over the world.”

The UN’s Propaganda War Against Israel

Disarmament Conference at the European headquarters of the United Nations

As Israel defends itself from terror, the international community supports a death cult.

Israel’s Pyrrhic Moral Victory


At what cost must the Jewish State try to win public opinion?

A Thank You Letter From Hamas to the Media


Please keep up the good work.

House of Worship or Palestinian Arsenal?

Caliph Abu Bakr Mosque main entrance in Aida.  Photo credit: Danielle Avel

Who is interested in what was found inside the Al-Farouq Mosque in Gaza?