France Betrays Israel —- Again


Growing Jew-hatred from within.

Israeli Right to Dominate Election

Israel's PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Canada's PM Stephen Harper on the side lines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York

How the Left lost Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas: Failing the Palestinians and Peace

Mahmoud Abbas

The Palestinian president takes an even more drastic totalitarian turn.

Arab Israeli Politician Praises Terrorism


The Hamas representative in the Israeli Knesset.

Palestinians Attempt to Co-Opt Jewish History


The desperate antics of an invented people.

Why Do 80% of Palestinians Support Murder?


The one issue that unifies Palestinians more than any other.

India May End Support for PLO State at UN


“The Modi government is looking at India’s voting record at the United Nations on the issue.”

Dreaming of ‘Palestine’s South Africa Moment’


But where is the Palestinian Gandhi?

Kerry Interfered in Israeli Elections to Help Left


The only time that Kerry can help Israel is when he’s trying to hurt it

Andrew Klavan: Defend Cancer Against the Jews!


A Truth Revolt video.