Jews Can Shoot


‘Never again’ doesn’t have to be an empty slogan.

Dr. Anna Geifman on “Life in Israel Under Siege” — on The Glazov Gang

on July 20, 2014 in Sderot, Israel.

The author of “Death Orders” shares life in Jerusalem during a state of war — and what it means to confront a death cult.

Profs Blame Pro-Israel Bias for Stereotyping Muslims


Academics lament the powerful influence of the “friends of Israel” in the media.

The UNRWA is Responsible for the Bombing of its Schools


The militarization of UNRWA facilities leaves it guilty of a war crime.

Israel, Hamas and Obama’s Foreign Policy


From Iran to Palestinian terrorists, the president makes clear what side he’s on.

Christians United For Israel Rocks Washington D.C.


Loud and passionate support for the Jewish State at a critical moment.

Hamasbara and Media Terrorism


The media terrorist is as much a terrorist as the terrorists he defends.

Promoting ‘Proportionality’ in the Service of Genocide


Sanctimonious depravity of Israel-critics on full display.

Iran’s Proxy War Against Israel


Where is the media’s outrage against the Islamic Republic?

Academic Lies and Distortions in the Cognitive War Against Israel

The blood libel has been revivified.