Why Bombing Syria Will Not Help Israel


The Jewish State doesn’t need that kind of help.

Obama Blocked Israeli Strike on Iran


Israel still must decide how to deal with Iran, he said, “now with less time, when the decision is between bad and worse.”

Opera Gives Moses AK-47, Turns Him into Osama bin Laden


The real victims of the Exodus were the Egyptians

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Who Opposes Israel, Uses Holocaust to Demand Support for Syrian Al Qaeda


Meanwhile her boss, with her support, has pressured Israel into releasing the murderers of innocent children.

Mass Attack Thwarted in Jerusalem

israel hotels_jerusalem hotels_jerusalem hotel _mamila jerusalem hotel_mamilla_mall

A Rosh Hashanah gift from Israel’s “peace partners.”

Humanitarian Tragedy: Iran’s Beleaguered Jewish Community


What genuine apartheid looks like.

Negotiations Must Include Jewish Refugees From Arab Lands


The world’s intentional blind-spot.

Israel, Lone Light in a Dark Region


How Israel is so much better — and treated so much worse.

South African Anti-Israel BDS Protesters Sing “Shoot the Jew” instead of “Shoot the Boer”


Muhammed Desai, coordinator of BDS South Africa, rejected the notion that anti-Semitism played a role in the group’s protest

Kerry Consulting on Israeli Peace Process with Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Co-Founded by Palestinian Islamic Jihad


I certainly hope that Kerry remembered to consult with Al Qaeda.