Iran’s Path to the Bomb


And how Washington is enabling it.

Some Questions for Some People


Will the Left call for understanding for the killers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir?

The Myth of Israeli Collective Punishment


Terrorists can’t have rights without responsibilities.

Mr. President, Where Is Your Outrage?


Why the silence to the many Palestinian murders of Israelis throughout Obama’s tenure?

Presbyterian Divestment Stokes Ancient Fires


The Presbyterian Church (USA) brings anti-Semitism into the mainstream.

80-Year-Old Grandpa Fires Gun in Jerusalem to Protect Family from Muslim Rioters, Police Confiscate Gun


Grandpa fired his gun into the air. The gang fled

Moral Equivalence, Moral Idiocy

Thousands attend funeral of Mohammad Abu Khdeir in Shu'afat

Dispelling the myth of the “cycle of violence” in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Why Presbyterians Took Up the ‘Palestinian Cause’


A poisonous merger of Christianity, Marxism, and the work of Edward Said.

Rocket from Hamas’ Gaza Hit Children’s Summer Camp in Israel


“I heard the first ‘boom! It sounded close, but we are used to that. The second one sounded much, much closer.”

64% of Palestinian Arabs Believe the Two State Solution is a Prelude to Destroying Israel


Peace is not on the table. Any deal just sets the stage for the next war.