Caroline Glick at the Wednesday Morning Club


The Jerusalem Post’s senior contributing editor discusses Israel’s only viable path to peace.

Pollard and the Last-Ditch Effort to Save the Peace Talks


An offer Israel can’t refuse?

Terrorists on Campus


Open season on the Jews at San Francisco State University.

The Way to Peace: EMET vs. J Street

Mideast Talks Analysis

Dueling presentations separate the two-state true believers from the realists.

Gunter Grass and the Waffen SS

Gunter Grass

German novelist, Nobel Laureate . . . and apologist for evil.

The BDS Perversion of Reality


Facts are optional in the anti-Israel economic warfare movement.

Jewish Student Reveals the Real History of Israel in 4 Minutes


This one really is worth watching

War & Peace in the Age of Obama


Remarks introducing Caroline Glick to the Wednesday Morning Club.

UN Appoints Muslim OIC Chair to Investigate Israel


So he can be counted to be impartial.

Lessons for Israel From America’s Civil War in Coping With Treason


The price Israelis should pay for disloyalty and sedition.