Muslim Brotherhood Claims Saudi Arabia, Israel, America and Iran are Behind Coup


So it’s now an American-Iranian-Saudi-Israeli-UAE conspiracy. I’m not sure who could believe this besides Alex Jones.

Is Obama Giving Israel a “Yellow Light” on Iran Strike in Exchange for Peace Process?


It seems unlikely however that Obama has dramatically changed its position on Iran, especially when he has a new fake moderate Iranian president to play footsie with.

When Failure Carries No Cost


Why the Obama administration feels free to cover up its crimes.

Israel to Palestinians: Sorry, We’ll Keep Building


Instead of preparing the Jew-free state.

Mideast Peace Talks and ‘Land for War’


What history tells us about Israeli territorial concessions to the Palestinians.

Kill Terrorists in Yemen, Free Them in Israel


The world according to John Kerry.

Israel’s Sacrifices of Peace Must End


Peace cannot be achieved through human sacrifice.

Uncovering Israel’s Past

Picture 1

How modern archaeology is turning the movement to minimize Israel’s biblical history on its head.

Israeli ‘Aggression’ in the Middle East?


The warped perspective of the American media.

Egypt’s Interim Government and Israel


For Jerusalem, is the removal of the Brotherhood a positive or negative development?