Dumbest Man in Israel Tries to Ban Plastic Bags


“They call me the government socialist because I vote nay on most economic issues.”

Senator Ted Cruz Delivers Powerful Senate Speech Calling for Return of 3 Boys Kidnapped by Hamas

senator cruz israel

“All of us should stand with Rachel as she stands with her son who’s been kidnapped.”

The Names of the Victims


The tragic price of exchanging hostages for terrorists.

Israel Must Defeat the Tactics of Terrorists


Lessons from the recent kidnapping of three Israeli teens.

Trading Terrorists for Hostages Only Costs More Lives


“According to Islam, whoever kills a Jew goes to heaven.”

The Early Roots of Anti-Israel Lawfare

weapon of choice

The long and disturbing history of the legal assault against the Jewish State.

Have You No Shame? Have You No Decency?


Guess who the Presbyterian Church is boycotting? Hint: it’s not Iran, North Korea or China.

Israel is Kurdistan’s First Customer for Iraqi Oil


“The export of oil from Kurdistan to Israel is treason”

The Anti-Israel Movement Campaign Explained

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Pat Condell details the real motives of BDS activists.

The Ultra-Left Rallies to Celebrate Israeli Kidnappings


Anti-Semites from around the world revel in the abduction of Jewish children.