Rand Paul’s Support for Israel


The senator is a complicated character. That doesn’t make him Israel’s enemy.

Abbas’ Holocaust Spin


Does one truly recognize Jewish suffering when equating it with the Palestinian experience?

Will Obama Break his Promise and Force Israel to Negotiate with Hamas?


The commitment had been given to Israel during President Obama’s first term

Neglected Prophet: J.B. Kelly


A great thinker’s warnings about blaming Israel for problems in the Middle East.

Israel at Peace, Palestinians at War


Deconstructing the myth that “both sides” are at each other’s throat.

Kerry’s Top Officials: We Need Another Intifada Against Israel for Progress

John Kerry, Chuck Hagel

“In the 21st century, the world will not keep tolerating the Israeli occupation.”

Islamic Jihad May Join All-Star, All-Terror Palestinian Unity Government


The unity government may have Iran’s blessing.

State Dept. Targets ‘Extremist Jewish’ Settlers in Terrorism Report


Obama administration puts Israeli petty vandals on par with Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad.

Life Under the Obama Doctrine


Why defying the White House is the only way to preserve the freedom of the Jewish people.

John Kerry’s Downward Spiral

John Kerry Makes Statement On Ukraine At U.S. State Department

The faulty logic behind the secretary of state’s claim that Israel could become an “apartheid” state.